The Final Pages of The Diary of Anne Frank

The final pages were in my opinion were terrible. though this was a true story, I don’t think that everyone except Anne and her father should have died. when I read the final paragraph I was, believe it or not quite mad that the play/story had to end with a horrible tragedy. This was a good book, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in reading about it.

Now I just have to find the actual Diary of Anne Frank to read.

At first I was pretty happy to find out that we were reading about Anne Frank, because the Holocaust just amazed me. Though when I opened the book I was quite disappointed to find that it was a play.. And there was only excerpts from the actual diary.

Great Book

The Diary of Anne Frank (3)

So far I am on page 120, and I think that Dussel is getting quite annoying in the play. it’s not like Anne’s mother asked him to stay with them, they invited him to stay with them for 1-2 nights. Dussel is acting as if they need him and he doesn’t need Anne, Peter, Mr. Frank etc.

The book is becoming interesting again and I am slowly liking it more and more. I like how Peter and Anne are becoming closer, and how they are becoming friends.

However I think Mr. Van Daan is a thief and it was wrong of him to steal the bread at night, while he knew that his child (Peter) and Anne where getting skinnier by the day.

The Diary of Anne Frank (2)

so far I am on page 80 of The Diary of Anne Frankand it hasnt got any better than when I first started. It has actually gotten worse, it’s not to the point where it’s boring but i’m at the point where it (The Diary of Anne Frank) isnt interesting anymore.

I will try my hardest to read the rest of the play/book…

First 40 Pages of The Diary of Anne Frank

So far, The Diary of Anne Frankis OK. I don’t like how it’s in play form and not in an actual book form. But, I have to admit I can’t stop reading it I just like it in general and I think that the holocaust is very interesting, but sad.

It is very interesting how they had to live in an attic of a house and couldn’t make noise for a certain amount of time, couldn’t go downstairs etc. i am amazed how they couldnt make noise for that long period of time and how they were trained not to.


So far i like The Diary of Anne Frank.

I keep breaking electronics?

Everyone says it but i don’t think its true. I currently own an xbox 360, so does Andreas. My xbox 360 has broken 3 times yes 3, it had the red rings of death (caused by overheating), all of the fans broke, and recently a GPU failure :/. i went to andreas’ house to play some Call of Duty 5 with him when i turned on his xbox and he also got the red rings of death (also known as RROD). Yes, he blamed it on me but i didn’t think it was me. So later that day Andreas and I slept over Igor’s house and i turned on his PS3 to play some Call of Duty 5 with the guys, and it froze. I’m not sure if I have bad luck or like Andreas says “Your the anti-Christ of xbox 360s and Ps3s hahaha”. That same day the jog-wheel on my cellphone broke, costing me $20 because, get this since i bought the phone in the states (LG KE970 European) there was no warranty so they fixed it without the warranty.

I don’t believe in superstition but the weird thing is, ALL of this happened on Friday the 13Th. Pretty scary stuff :S 

What i think about poetry in general

I think that poetry is not the funnest thing to do, but it lets people express their feelings in many ways.
i personally am not good at poetry but in someways it lets me talk about my inner feelings and makes me feel better in some ways. Though this sounds kinda girly (lolol) it is quite true and some people have to admit it, the friends that i have don’t like poetry (guys) but most of the girls do, so it might be a gender thing but im  not quite too sure. The only time t hat i actually writepoetry is when i am forced to during school or for homework, its just not really my favorite thing to do. I rather work on my pocket bike, or watch TV with my sister :S. It’s not that i have anything against poetry it’s just that like i said beforeits not a fun thing to do (in my opinion).

Merry-making and your learning

1. How important is merry-making in society? This was our central unit question — now that you’ve studied a very silly play, complete with heaps of merry-making, what do you think? Is merry-making important? How? When? Why?

Merry-making in a society to me is probably one of the most important things needed for an actually healthy society. Really, if there was no Merry-making in a society then everything and everyone in that particular society will be dull and really boring. Though there has to be a certain extent to Merry-making in a society, for example some people may go too far with jokes and being funny to a point where its not funny and it gets annoying.

What do you know now, at the end of our unit, that you didn’t before? Perhaps you now know a couple of lines of Shakespeare. Or maybe you’ve learned how to better speak in front of an audience. Or perhaps you now know how to work better in a group. Or you know that having fun really is the most important part of creating a play. Or you’ve learned that creativity requires long periods of time in order to “get into it.”  Whatever it is — please tell your readers what you’ve learned in our unit.

After the shakespeare unit, i think that i am better in front of an audience because before i was really shy and now i have opened up. I am not shy to go up and act in front of the class or in front of other classes and i think that this shakespeare unit increases peoples self esteem and is something that is fun and something that you can learn a lot from.

My First Motorcycle

I’ve always wanted/want a motorcycle so last summer i bought a pocketbike. (shown below) i bought this with my own money and im proud to say that my parents didn’t 🙂 but i only bought this because i cant wait until i am 21 when i actually get a REAL motorcycle. perferibly the one shown below (yamaha R1) my pocketbike is basically suspose to be a mini version of this bike, but i think it looks nothing like it haha.and yes i would be doing all of these tricks on my bike like shown in the picture, probably the first trick i would do would be a wheelie, ive got the basics down and i think i just need pocketbike that has a manual transmission and a bigger engine. the reason i like the R1 so much is mainly becasue of the fairings, to me they look awesome, but the only thing that i dont like is the headlights, they look kind of like a retarded butterfly

Your Own Twelfth Night Production

If i were to create a Twelfth Night production, i think Illyria would be set in Washington D.C. not just because i grew up there but because if you haven’t noticed i think D.C. is beautiful, with the Washington Monument, The Jefferson memorial i think it would be a great place for Illyria. Illyria wouldn’t be in the High class part of Washington D.C. but in the middle class suburbs and there would be some ghetto people and some really posh people. The posh people would be driving like Ferrari’s and the ghetto people would be driving really cool cars nothing specific but maybe a “DONK”. The really posh people specifically the rich and important characters would be driving the Ferrari’s for example Viola, and the not so rich and important people would be driving the “DONK” for example someone like Feste. Like i kind of stated before, the Posh people should be wearing like animals and furs (haha) and then the not so rich people, wife beaters baggy pants and Yums any color(s). Also instead of the sword fights there would be gun fights (non violent)preferably. Some cool special effects would be like cap guns and bb guns that look like real guns.




When it is the end of 5.1 i think that all of the characters should get together and when they are together, they should just say their final goodbyes, shake hands, and hug each other, making the final scene as dramatic and sad as possible. I would do this only because the impression i want to leave is that i sometimes could be a really dramatic person and i would like the audience to feel and see that

Outside vs. Inside

how ugly our idol proves to God! You have, Sebastian, you did good. In nature there’s no mess ups except their mind: nobody should be called “messed up” but unkind. kindness is beautiful, but so is evil our trunks are overwhelmed by evil.

i think that this speech is deep and i like how Antonio reflects on how good looks can hide a bad person.

Some experiences that i had was someone that i thought was my friend in America acted like he was my friend and then spread rumors about me which weren’t true, and that made me really mad and after a month when i found out it was him i befriended him